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Europe/Berlin - Central European Summer Time
  • Sun, Jun 23 - 11:00RARALAND - Asia Qualifier more infos
  • Sun, Jun 23 - 13:00Warcraft All-Star League June - Playoffs more infos
  • Sun, Jun 23 - 18:00RARALAND - Western Qualifier more infos
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Upcoming streams

Europe/Berlin - Central European Summer Time
Sun23 June

RARALAND - Asia Qualifier

Asian & Oceania Qualifier for RARALAND 2024! 3 Players will get paid travel & Accomodation to the hottest Warcraft party of the year

Players: Lowerbracket Decider


Warcraft All-Star League June - Playoffs

Warcraft All-Star League is funded and organized by Infi, Fly100% & War3Station. It's the rebranded TP League and spiritual successor of GCS & WGL.

Players: 1v1 Grand Final + 2v2 Grand Final


RARALAND - Western Qualifier

Americas & European Qualifier for RARALAND 2024! 3 Players will get paid travel & Accomodation to the hottest Warcraft party of the year

Players: Lowerbracket Deciders

In it with our hearts!

We from Back2Warcraft love Warcraft III. We love the game, the competitive scene and most of all the community.

Our primary goal is to provide the best broadcasts possible for today's tournaments. By bringing the experience of high level Warcraft competition to viewers around the world we try to contribute something of value to scene.

We have been doing this for years now and we see no reason to stop!


Jannes "Neo" Tjarks

As the founder of Back2Warcraft, the Chosen One lives Warcraft with every inch of his body and soul and has been a major part of the community since he joined ESL-Radio in 2008. His Play-by-Play commentary is filled with honest intensity and heartfelt emotions, backed up by an extraordinary knowledge about the history of the game and the players themselves.

To rebuild and reclaim Warcraft’s spot on the vast map that is today’s eSports landscape, Neo is also working on a lot of different projects as an editor and consultant such as W3Arena and Liquipedia. Even if this results in sleepless nights, he’ll be there for you, for the love we share, for Warcraft.


Remo "Remodemo" Rimmel

Remo applied for a spot in the ESL-Radio team shortly after Neo and never left his side since then. His unique ability to combine Play-by-Play and Color Commentary makes him the most versatile part of Back2Warcraft as he’s able to carry a cast on his own, join in as an analyst or simply bring the hype into a cast with a pro-player.

This goes hand in hand with his jolly personality, so if there’s a break between games – you better be lucky and have remo on stream to provide some quality story time! “Just remo things” became a well-known saying for a reason.


Carson "carsoNNN" Cleaver

A mellow vibe, nuanced views and iconic facial hair are just a couple of the things that Carson brings to the table. He has been actively playing and coaching pro players on a high level for years. His singular ability to pull back the complicated layers behind any given strategy and extract the essence, enriches every broadcast.

In addition to having a sharp analytical mind, Carson also happens to be the most musical of the bunch. Normally the trusty old gee-tar will always be sitting in a corner close to the man with the beanie and ‘stache. And rarely, on the most memorable of nights, its strings will echo.


We do all this because we love to do it. We love to do it for the legacy of Warcraft and we love to do it for you. But all the tournaments and the arrangements around them is consuming our free time next to jobs and studies.

Our content will always be for free and we will never turn into sell-outs but if you enjoy what we do and want to support us, we appreciate every single move you do to help us.

The more you support us = the more time we have to cast for you


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